Lumos Global Solar Energy Company Quest In Africa

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Another Turning point in Africa as Lumos Global Solar Energy Company has decided to invest in Africa in the provision of cheaper solar energy system.

Lumos Global Solar Energy Company

The American company Lumos Global co-founded by Nir Marom who is also the company’s president dived into Africa ( West Africa) to satisfy the unmet demand for energy knowing that the solar industry on the continent is booming as reported by African Solar Tech.

This quest started in one of the Africa’s Tech hub, Nigeria which is further extended to Cote d’Ivoire in 2017, Lumos has provided solar power to over 350,000 customers for now according to the company.

Making Solar Energy Your Main Source Of Power is what Lumos Global aims to achieve.

The Lumos Global quest to operate in West African has been successful with partnership with the telecom company MTN. The mobile provider allows customers to purchase electricity (Solar Power) with their existing cell phones, which fill up the space between mobile payment revolution and solar energy.

Although many other solar energy companies have embark on this journey to Africa, but the recent developments still stands that Lumos Global is one among the companies that offers cheaper off-grid solar power in Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire.

Lumos Global, in December 2016 began a huge investment in the history of off-grid industry with the sum of $90 million; you can see that their quest to stay on top while providing outstanding demand for their systems in West Africa is their priority.
The increasingly demand on the grid has driven many African countries to diversify their energy sources, which calls in for the increase services of solar energy providers like Lumos Global.

Lumos Global Solar Energy
Typical Lumos Solar Kit Includes:

• Large 80W solar panel unit and solar cable
• Solar control unit with 8 sockets DC 12V max
• USB mobile phone adapter
• 2 powerful LED bulbs
• Easy self-installation mounting kit

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